Prof. Dr. Achim Rabus

Prof. Dr. Achim Rabus is an established German paleoslavist, director of the Department of Slavic Studies at the University of Freiburg, Germany. He is the author of two books and more than 60 articles. In addition to Slavic medieval studies, his research interests include sociolinguistics, corpus linguistics and Digital Humanities. Currently, he focuses on developing computer resources for Handwritten Text Recognition of early Slavic sources, part-of-speech and full morphology tagging of medieval Slavic texts, and lexical databases to specific text corpora (Velikie Minei Chet’i). Due to a series of current projects under his supervision, Freiburg has become one of the leading centrеs of Digital Paleoslavistics. Rabus is also the chairman of the Commission for Computer Processing of Medieval Slavic Manuscripts and Early Printed Books to the International Committee of Slavists.