Assoc. Prof. Dr. Petra Stankovska

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Petra Stankovska has gained experience in the Prague Palaeoslavistic School and is an internationally recognised palaeoslavist. She is currently teaching at the University of Ljubljana. She authored over 80 publications in the field of Croatian and Bulgarian Glagolitic literature (Cyrillo-Methodian traditions and Latin influences, connections with the Old Bulgarian written monuments). She co-authored the edition of the newly discovered parts of Psalterium Sinaiticum, took part in Споредбен индекс кон речниците обработувани во рамките на Комисиjата за црковнословенски речници при МКС. Vols I-II.“ (2015, 2018) and in the preparation of the second volume of Řecko-staroslověnský index (in print) to the Slovník jazyka staroslvěnského. She is the scientific secretary of the Commission for Old Slavonic Dictionaries at the International Committee of Slavists.